The health of your eyes are important at EyeStyle Optical and we hope that the links within the information below will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to eye health and eye exams.


Q. When should children get their first eye exam?

Early vision testing and exams are important for children. Conditions such as Amblyopia or ‘Lazy Eye’ are treated with more success with early identification.


Q. What causes computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

For many people working in front of computer screen can cause eye strain and other vision related problems. Sometimes a prescription for eyeglasses used expressly for computer work are necessary. Visit All About Vision for Top 10 ways to avoid or relieve computer eye strain.

Q. Are your contact lenses uncomfortable?

It could be that a simple change to your lenses, care products or daily habits will make wearing contact lenses much more comfortable. Remedies for Contact Lens Discomfort



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